One of the best ways to understand a country is through its food. So what better way could there be to appreciate Switzerland’s appeal for cycling holidays than by comparing it with defining Swiss cuisine?

Cheese fondue has been the unofficial Swiss national dish since the 1930s. Imagine a pot of bubbling, cheesy goodness – and how the fondue is rich with flavour, just as every Swiss valley and alp holds delights for cyclists.

The fondue concept – melting Gruyères and Emmental cheese with wine and dipping bread into it – has evolved from a peasant meal to a sophisticated dish with great depth.

So it is with your Oro Tours cycling holiday in Switzerland, as you explore this little alpine republic with its towering peaks and shimmering lakes. Just as a good fondue more than just ‘melted cheese’, so our guided cycling holidays in Switzerland are much more than just a ride through mountains and meadows! Just as classic fondue ends with the delicious surprise of the Religieuse, so cycling in Switzerland is sure to surprise and delight you.

Well-planned cycling holidays in Switzerland really are the two-wheeled equivalent of classic fondue – and equally good from first dip to the final mouth-watering forkful!

Switzerland highlights

  • Explore well-preserved medieval villages and cycle beneath peaks that define mountaineering history.
  • Marvel at the fairy-tale castles and picture-book cathedrals.
Switzerland Flag


Cycling joy in Switzerland’s sublime heart

10 Day Cycling Tour in Switzerland or ‘One Night Stops’ 7 Day Tour The mere mention of Switzerland evokes breathtaking images of verdant green pastures, long-lashed br...

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